Saturday, October 27, 2012

Key West Accommodations – Three Places You Should Definitely Stay and One You Shouldn’t

One of my favorite places to stay in Key West is a small bed and breakfast called Almond Tree Inn. 

Even roosters like hanging out at the Almond Tree!
This is where Frank and I stayed on our very first vacation ever.  It’s not as centrally located as the other accommodations I listed, being near the intersection of Duval Street and Truman Avenue (this is a short walk away from the normal Duval Street hub-bub).  It’s also a little more pricey, with rooms averaging about $250 a night.  However, the happy hour in the evening and continental breakfast in the morning help make it a good deal!

Here you can read my review that I wrote after staying at the Almond Tree

I also liked staying at Old Town Manor, which is right in the thick of things, a block from Duval Street on Eaton Street.

Courtesy of Colleen M.
Prices are as low as $105, but in season (Thanksgiving through Easter), expect to pay more like $215 and up.

My sister-in-law and brother-in-law got married here and the bed and breakfast did a wonderful job accommodating everyone.  As for the service, the continental breakfast in the morning was quite delicious, and wasn’t your normal spread of dry pastries (I ate cheese and hard boiled eggs every morning).

One of the best places I stayed was here.
Thank you, Google Maps!  I would have never remembered
the name of this place if not for your help!
I know, it doesn’t look very nice from the outside.  It’s neither a hotel nor a bed and breakfast… this is a “vacation rental” that my brother-in-law found.  He went through Bone Island Vacation Rentals.  Once you get past the unimpressive front, you’ll find a little tropical oasis outside.

Inside, there was a bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

Decor typical of 1990s Key West, but quite nice actually
And we paid less than $200 for the weekend after Thanksgiving, which I think was definitely a good deal!

With every good hotel in Key West, comes a bad hotel as well.  From the outside, Mango Tree Inn looks just lovely.

In fact, it looks lovely on the inside too.

But the owner of this place is just a little too much to handle.  The hotel is very small and Frank and I were traveling with another couple.  The owner warned us about noise levels and I feel that we spent most of our time out of the room, so it wasn’t much of a problem.  When we were getting ready to check out, the owner came upstairs to insist we hurry up.  It was 10:50am.  Frank was in the shower, but that’s not really any of her business.  We were out on time, but despite the fresh flowers in the toilet, we will never be back because we felt the owner was just too annoying.

Don't be swayed by greenery in your john,
the hotel owner is always lurking here

Where is the best place you've stayed in Key West?

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