Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Best Days to Fly for the Holidays

Tonight, I interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to share with you a story my fabulous friend Amy just emailed me (keep those travel tips coming, people!)… the best days to fly for the holidays!

This story is especially convenient for me, personally, because I am flying for the holidays… to see these people.

That lovely lady lives here in South Florida; she's my sister-
in-law.  But she'll be journeying with Frank and myself as
we visit their dad and little brother in Ireland.
We will also see this wonderful woman.

This is Bonnie and she is Frank's dad's girlfriend.
Here, she's opening a giant bottle of Veuve Clicquot,
which is reason #2343 why I love her!
You can find the complete list of cheapest travel days here, but for a quick reference you should fly:

Thanksgiving Day
December 18
March 20 (flights to Europe go up 20% the next day)
June 3 (if you're flying to Asia)

Priceline.com also has a cool new feature on their site that shows “good” days to fly around the holidays, as well as the “best” days.  You can find that feature right here.

Today, being a Tuesday, is also a perfect time to purchase tickets, which I talked about on the blog last month.  So, get on it, friends, and find a flight to the Emerald Isle for me while you're at it!
I read that seats are limited for the holiday season and it’s best to book before Halloween - Have you already booked your flights for the holidays?

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