Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Uptown Art Review - West Palm Beach

Alright, already, the title of this post seems dangerous.  Painting and drinking, while awesome together, can be a scary combination.  Just ask the guy who sat next to me after I stole his white paint (sorry, sir!).

Here’s an example… this is how the night started:

And this is how the night ended:

What the...?!?!  Not EVEN sure what's going on in this picture

Anyway, I purchased the Groupon to Uptown Art in West Palm Beach for my sister-in-law for her birthday (which is also my birthday, lucky Frank!  If he forgets either birthday, he’s in deep doo doo).  I thought I would give myself a present as well.  I paid $32 for a 3-hour painting class, regularly $70 – that’s more than half off!

 The week we were scheduled to paint, Frank kept trying to get me to bring someone else.  Once we started though, he was like Van Gogh, only without the whole cutting off the ear thing.

"I painted a blue duck because I've never seen
a blue duck before" - Billy Madison

Uptown Art is awesome because they give you the canvas, painting gear, and as much paint as you need.

I'm not sure about Colleen, but I went back for
seconds AND thirds... of the paint!  Also the wine.
The instructors are great, very knowledgeable, and they had tons of suggestions for Frank and I painting the same picture as a couple.  We could have upgraded to a larger canvas, so we could have worked on the same picture at the same time.  Or, they said they would help us split the picture into two different canvasses.  We opted to paint the same thing, but in different colors.

Here I am critiquing Frank's work... nah, I'm just drinking!
Our class was three hours, with about a half an hour break.  You’re allowed to bring as much food and wine as you want.

We thought three bottles per couple was reasonable.
For a three hour time period. Okay, our judgment
may have been a bit off.
The best thing about Uptown Art isn’t the free paint, the nice staff, or even the final painting.  It was hanging out and doing something different with the people I loved.

Frank's boat is orange and mine is blue... he
thinks he did a better job, but I disagree.
And when I look at the finished work on my wall, I will always remember that.


Total Cost: $32 for the Groupon and $30 for the wine

Best Deal: Making personalized art for half off the regular price


I had a great time at the class, but tell me the truth... If you had to sail off in a boat, would you pick the blue or the orange one?


  1. I should have filled in the blank spot on my head with paint...just like those infomercials.