My name is Tara and I like exploring. 

Here I am pretending to explore and conquer the Roman Forum.
I also like long walks on the beach and am an Aries, but for the purpose of this blog, we’re going to stick to my exploring.

I’m also economical.  I saw the famous museums of Paris for free.  I spent $2.33 on a really good bottle of wine once.  And I’ll research for the best priced hotel until my eyes bleed.  However, I don’t consider myself cheap.  I won’t hesitate to spend $100 on a meal.  I once booked an airline ticket to Europe two weeks before departing (which, as you can imagine, came at a premium price). And in general, I like to buy things.  But since the dictionary definition of economical means “avoiding waste,” I would definitely say… that I do.  Not only in terms of money, but also in terms of time.  I like to relish every moment I have and do it without going into debt.

I’m no expert on travel.  However, I DO like anything and everything out of the ordinary.  I also like food (a lot), wine (even more) and I’m the only person who earnestly wants to look at all 1,000 pictures of your cruise to the Caribbean.

So, join me on my journey as I explore… sometimes it will be across the world, other times it will be in my own neighborhood.  I’ll explore regions, recipes, and include reviews, to help you learn about exploring without breaking the bank.  And most importantly, while having fun J

This much fun should be illegal!

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