Thursday, October 11, 2012

Zoo Miami Review

My Groupon experiences just keep getting better and better.  A few weekends ago, my dear friend Amy took me on a Groupon to Zoo Miami.  And check it out…

OMG!  I got to feed a giraffe!  And his tongue was super crazy!  It was purple and rough, and if you can’t tell, it surprised me greatly!

I would never ordinarily feed the animals at the zoo.  Even though I’m a vegetarian, I don’t even like animals.  And I especially wouldn’t pay the $3 charge.  But the giraffe feeding was part of the Groupon Amy purchased.  That Groupon was just $15 a person, a price I thought was well-worth it to get up close and personal.

Amy is a pro at this!
We also got a “professional” picture with the giraffe, normally $5.

At this point, I am unaware of the crazy tongue coming at me!
Our Groupon also included a bird feeding (traditionally another $3), and if anyone knows me, they know I love birds.  I once had a bird, a female cockatiel named Mr. Bojangles.  On Christmas Eve one year, I opened the front door and she flew out.  I had never seen her fly before and I feel like maybe she flew right to this zoo.

Mr. Bojangles, is that you?
Now, I’m no zoo-guru, but Amy is, and she says this is the closest she had ever been to a jaguar.

We’re just lucky it didn’t claw our eyes out, look at this ferocious thing.

It's probably a little sedated, actually.
One thing that really hit home while I was at Zoo Miami was how much gorillas and monkeys look like humans.

If that doesn't look like a bunch of homeless men under an
interstate, I don't know what does!
And this monkey was astute enough to put a box over his head when it started raining.

Clearly quite evolved, even the humans didn’t have a box to put on their heads!

We did have one poncho between two people, though. 
We're half as smart as a monkey!
My favorite animal of all time though is the otter.

I've read that otters are mean, but I don't care, I still want one as a pet!
Not everyone at the zoo is so ambitious.

These lemurs are just lazy.
We, however, were not as lazy as the lemurs.  We also redeemed a trip on the monorail (normally $3) and a souvenir cup (worth $3.95) under our Groupon.

And we got to see this cute little guy!
Under normal circumstances, these are the zoo prices:

Admission: $15.95
Giraffe feeding: $3
Picture with giraffe: $5
Bird feeding: $3
Monorail: $3
Souvenir cup: $3.95
Total: $33.90/person

Our Total Cost: $15/person (with Groupon)

Best Deal: Sticking my head in an elephant’s butt

What’s your favorite part of the zoo?

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