Saturday, October 6, 2012

Canada Road Trip Finale – Niagara Falls

Our last stop on our Canadian road trip was Niagara Falls.  I’d like to preface my story about the Falls by saying the night before, we were supposed to stay with a friend from college.  That friend never answered his phone and once again, we stayed in a parking lot (see this entry for more parking lot overnight stays).  Then next day we had to get people in said parking lot to give our VW bus a push.

We didn't call the VW bus "The Green Monster" for nothin'!
Okay, back to Niagara Falls.  It’s very wet.

I heard that the Canadian side is nicer than the American side, but we went on the American side for this trip.  If you’re being economical, the American side is definitely cheaper.  Take, for example, the famous Maid of the Mist tours.

Bobbing around on a boat is not a good time on your stomach,
so be aware of that before you hop on board.
In America you pay $15.50 for a ticket, versus paying $19.75 in Canada.  Since you’re in a boat, out and about on the water, you are getting awesome views and paying less money.

The boat takes you really close to the falls - thank goodness for
my blue poncho or I would have been soaked!
After our stop at Niagara Falls, we were on our way home.  Sad to see our trip ended, but happy we didn’t go broke.  Here’s a breakdown of costs:

Hotel: $40/night for 5 nights (average room rate of $150 divided by four people) = $200

Gas: About 1000 miles, our VW bus got about 15 miles per gallon, for a total of about $200/4 = $66

Food: $30/day x 10 days = $300

Tours/Souvenirs = $200

Total Cost: About $800 for a 10 day trip to Canada (roundtrip from Boston)

Best Deal: Spending time with friends!

Have you been to Canada?  What are your must-see locations north of the United States?

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