Thursday, December 13, 2012

Experience Gifts for the Holidays – Crafting Class

You may have read about the fun I had at a painting class this year.  I bought a Groupon to Uptown Art for my sister-in-law for her birthday.  But what fun is drinking and painting without me?  So I bought one for my husband and myself as well!  I liked the class so much, I bought a similar Groupon for my best friend’s birthday to Vino’s Picasso in Ft. Myers.

These painting classes are popping up all over South Florida.  They are also popping up all over Groupon, which makes them an economical gift worth giving this holiday.

Right now, Talin Tropic in Boca Raton is offering painting classes for just $19 per person – a $26 discount from the normal price of $45.  The deal is through Gotta Half It and ends tomorrow.

Don’t just limit yourself to painting canvas… Art-Sea Living in Boynton Beach offers wine glass painting classes.  Right now, Groupon is offering the class for two people for just $25, but act fast, because this one is for a “limited time” only.  Still, the deal isn’t so bad without a Groupon either - $25 each.  Art-Sea Living also offers a variety of other crafting classes though, like pottery painting and even ornament-making (to which you can bring your own booze!).  Check out their calendar here.

Looking for something a little more intense?  At McMow Art Glass in Lake Worth, you can fuse glass to create unique plates and other artwork.  Groupon is offering a deal at McMow Art Glass that also runs only for a “limited time.”  For just $35, you get a two-hour class, half off the normal price. 

There may not be a Groupon involved, but the arts and crafts store Michaels (located in Boynton Beach, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and other areas around South Florida) offers plenty of classes.  The cake decorating is one of their most popular.

I didn't take my cake decorating class at Michaels, but my teacher had taught at Michaels before and used mostly
Wilton products, which is what you'll use at Michaels.
The cost is $22.50 per class.  Michaels recommends four classes for each of their four courses.  That means for less than $100, you could buy someone one complete course.  Michaels also offers crochet classes, beading classes, and a variety of classes for kids.

JoAnn Fabrics also offers classes, for a slightly more economical price.  In January and February, you can buy a cake decorating class for just $17.50
Personally, I'd much rather get an "experience," like a crafting class, mini golf, trapeze teachings, or a spa day before another Christmas sweater (do people give those anymore?!?!).  And one of the best things about buying someone an "experience," especially on Groupon?  It normally includes two for one, which means you can participate in the gift as well!

Did I miss anything?  What other craft classes are out there or would you want to take?

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