Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Experience Gifts for the Holidays – Mini Golf

If the spa isn’t your thing, and heights freak you out, and you’re still looking for an economical gift, may I suggest golf and beer? 

Putt’n Around is a mini-golf course in Delray Beach, just north of Atlantic Avenue, full of fun, friendly competition, and most importantly, booze.

What can we say?  We like cider!
Putt’n Around places a priority on drinking while golfing, which is why this ranks as one of my favorite “experience” gifts for the holidays.  While you are golfing on one of the two 18-hole courses, you can sip your beer along the route.

Her score was probably 100, but she has a beer
in hand, so she's still smiling!
The course itself isn’t very challenging – even the youngest players can guide their balls across the green.

That kid is my brother-in-law... he's only 7, but
totally fits the part of a golfer with that hat!
But the actual course isn’t the allure at Putt’n Around.  If you’re on the 5th hole and you run out of alcohol (it happens!), you just call the front desk and they deliver your drinks. 

There is no way we can walk away from a game like this! 
Course service, please!
This mini-golf mecca is always offering great specials.  I’ve purchased deals through Groupon (two for one), but you can also get great deals just by becoming Facebook friends with Putt’n Around.  If you are forced to pay regular price, it’s only $9.85 per person for 18 holes.

Is that Tiger Woods I see?

Total Cost: $9.85/person, plus drinks

Best Deal:  Getting a round for as little as $5.30, just by checking Putt’n Around’s Facebook page (I saw that deal there myself!)

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