Monday, December 10, 2012

Experience Gifts for the Holidays – Woman on the Flying Trapeze

Wow.  This past weekend, Frank and I took a trapeze class and let’s just say, he wants his next birthday there.  This is the ultimate gift experience for someone on your holiday list if you want to impress with minimal impact to your wallet.

Aerial Trapeze Academy is located very far west in Royal Palm Beach.  It pretty much looks like it’s in someone’s backyard.  No, wait.  It is definitely in someone’s backyard.

Frank and I were a little confused about the area, seeing as how it looked nothing like one would expect a trapeze set-up to look like.  The area was residential, very spread out, and on a canal… But, alas, the team behind Aerial Trapeze Academy was professional, funny, and extremely talented.

They started by helping us do a basic hang… very close to the ground.

From there, we wasted no time climbing an extremely tall ladder for our first trick.

 At the top, you look down about 30 feet below to where you could plummet to your death.

Thankfully, you have a net and safety harness!
I didn't feel the least bit in danger!
But even the safety precautions don’t make you feel any easier when you do a back flip for the first time.  Once the instructor says “Hep!” (they don’t use “go” because it sounds like “no”), it’s time to rock.

Did you hear me freak out as I flipped off the trapeze?  I think I scared the small children attending the class.  But it was SO exhilarating!  The crew made us practice a few rounds of hanging from the bar and then doing a back flip and then they decided if we were “catcher ready.”  That is, ready to fly from the trapeze into someone’s arms.

See that chalk on our arms?  That said we were
ready for the catcher!  We tried not to wash
it off all day!
Frank went first, out of the six people who were considered “catcher ready.”  They were pretty lenient with who went, unless you couldn’t hang from the trapeze (in which case, you should not consider joining a circus... I, however, am considering it now!).

The guy who caught Frank was a little dude, but I wouldn’t want to get in a scrap with him – he was strong.  He held on to Frank tightly, and even Frank was a little surprised to pull the whole thing off.

Then it was my turn.

That was it, I was hooked.  For $50 for two people (we bought a Living Social), we had the time of our lives for two hours.  Next up, I’m thinking the Circus Sampler - trampoline, hoops and the trapeze?  Yes, please!

Total Cost: Without any coupons, the class is $50 a head

Best Deal: As the slogan for Aerial Trapeze Academy goes, we joined the circus and were home in time for dinner!

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