Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Monterosso al Mare - 5 Ways to Save in Cinque Terre Finale

You’ve drank and been fully entertained in the Cinque Terre, but what do you do when it comes to food?  That leads me to the fifth reason this region is so economical.

5. Dining in the Cinque Terre is one of the least expensive places I have ever experienced, especially in Monterosso al Mare.  Sure, you have this lovely scenery...
It's still early, but in a few hours, this beach is
bustling with people everywhere!
But imagine dining with that view without breaking the bank.   We spent just €18 for two sandwiches and a half liter of wine.  The rate of euro to dollar when we were there was €1 = $1.25.  That means our meal would have been about $22.  If you had two sandwiches and just two glasses of wine where I live in South Florida, this would be your bill.
Sandwich = $6
Sandwich = $6
Wine = $6
Wine = $6
Taxes = $1.44
Gratuity = $3.60
Which would be about $29, for not even as much wine. 

Here was our bill in Monterosso:
They have neither taxes nor gratuity in Italy.  They do have service charges sometimes, called “coperto” on your bill.  Waiters usually only charge it when you have bread with your meal, so if you don't want bread, make sure you notify the waiters.  On this bill, there is no coperto.

While I'm on the dining note, eating at a restaurant in Italy is not like eating in America.  You WILL be charged for water.  If you don't want it, don't let the waiter bring it.  You're almost better off buying wine.

Total Cost: €18 for two people to eat a tasty meal with drinks (that’s $22)

Best Deal: The anchovy plate we got for free in Riomaggiore because they only had a few left and didn’t charge us (people in the Cinque Terre are just that nice)

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