Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vernazza - 5 Ways to Save in Cinque Terre, Part III

I’m going to skip the middle town in Cinque Terre and jump to Vernazza to explain the next best economical, heck, even free, thing to do in the region. 

4. This probably goes without saying, but with diving comes swimming.  We did a lot of this in Cinque Terre, especially in Vernazza.  Beaches are not what you think of in America, especially where I live, in South Florida.  Here you can see a beach in Vernazza.
High above Vernazza, on the trail from Monterosso al Mare
It does have sand!  That’s a step above most of the other beaches in the area, which are made of rocks.  What is so awesome about this beach is that you don’t even need a beach towel.  We didn’t carry one with us the whole time in Cinque Terre. Actually, we didn’t carry one because I was too cheap to buy one, but I digress, because all you really need to do is sun yourself on the rocks. 

Sadly, the following picture of Vernazza does not really show the town in its glory.  In October 2011, heavy rains and flooding left the town buried in mud.  When we were there in June, major efforts were going on to rebuild, including draining water and reconstructing buildings.  Since I'm not so handy with a saw, I bought two coffee mugs to help the economy.

This beach area was a lot more bustling in the postcards,
but people are working hard to make it prosperous again
Still, the swimming here is glorious.  And though the water may be cold, the sun is scalding hot.  While you’re saving money on your beach days and no towels, don’t scrimp on the sunscreen, I could feel the rays burning into my flesh.

Total Cost: Free

Best Deal: Actually, here’s the not best deal: the beach in Monterosso al Mare, which you have to pay for in most parts.

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