Monday, August 20, 2012

Lucca Hotel Review - Alla Dimora Lucense

We were not sure we were even going to visit Lucca on our trip to Italy, let alone stay the night there.  When we rolled up to the walled city, we opened up our Rick Steves book and picked Alla Dimora Lucense to stay.

First, let it be known, this hotel is in the “back” of the walled city, so if you pull into town on a train and don’t want to get a cab, prepare to walk a lot over brick streets.  Even if you want a cab, you may not get one because there aren’t very many cars inside the walls of Lucca.
Outside of Alla Dimora Lucense, we are ready to "rock
on" now that we toted our bags miles across brick roads
Inside, the Alla Dimora Lucense is just lovely.  The rooms were named after parts of Lucca… we stayed in “Le Mura.”
In Italy during June, the weather is so perfect
you can keep the windows open.  Most often,
you don't have a choice as air conditioning is
not as common there.
I really like the windows open, except I don't so much love the garbage men love picking up trash at five in the morning during my vacation.  Also, we had an incident of horse slaughtering in Rome, which I'll talk about a few posts from now. 

A basic bed, but quite comfortable!
The bathroom had an extremely small shower, but that’s just how things go in Italy. This was strangely one of the larger showers we encountered in our Italian travels.
You may need to lose weight before showering!
Alla Dimora Lucense does have a garage for cars, but personally, I don't recommend bringing a car to Lucca, as you would probably just crash it in the tiny streets.

No room for cars inside the walls!
We paid €110 for our stay, including a discount for paying with cash and a filling breakfast.  Keep in mind, “filling breakfast” in Italy means some Nutella, cheese, and cappuccino.  The breakfast here was actually one of the best though.

Alla Dimora Lucense gets high marks from both my husband and me!

Total Cost: €110 for one night, about $135

Best Deal: A discount for paying with cash (which happens often in Italy, so carry Euros whenever you can!)

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