Monday, August 13, 2012

Manarola - 5 Ways to Save in Cinque Terre Part II

So far we've gotten through two ways to save in Cinque Terre... the drinks are cheap and the hiking is plentiful.  Onward...

3.  If you come to Manarola (the second southernmost town), and you’re feeling even a tad bit courageous, you should try cliff jumping.  There's a great spot right in the middle of Manarola, just a few hundred feet from the train station.  I, however, was feeling quite wimpy.
A wimp... but a fun-loving one!
Luckily, my husband is full of bravery.
He makes it look so simple!
Thankfully, I grew some balls at a more secluded cliff away from the city center.

Play-by-play action shots of me being brave!

My advice: nothing is off limits to jump from in the Cinque Terre.  Check out this video I found on YouTube, which makes me frightened just watching it.

Even though Manarola has what seems like the most cliffs to jump from, don’t rule out the other towns.
This guy is getting prepared to jump... he needed
a lot of mental preparation before the big plunge!
That’s a guy we met jumping in Monterosso al Mare, at the eastern most end of the public beach.  You could only get there by swimming, which is why there are no pictures of me jumping because I DID do it!  After awhile, the rush of adrenaline of dropping and hitting the chilly water (my guess was about 72°F) became addicting.  This may have been the best free thing I’ve ever done.

Total cost: Free

Best Deal: Jump where your heart desires!

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