Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Delray Beach Hotel Review - Crane's BeachHouse

During the summer of 2009, the economy was at a pretty low point.  Frank and I took the opportunity to embark on a bunch of “staycations,” including the cutest hotel in Delray Beach, Crane’s BeachHouse.  Three years later, we stayed at the same hotel during our wedding weekend!

This is in 2009.  Three years later, we look a
little different, but Crane's is still the same!

Crane’s is right off Atlantic Avenue (the main drag in Delray Beach), on a tiny street called Gleason.

Courtesty of The Big Day Wedding Photography
When you walk in, you leave the busy city life for a tropical oasis.

Nope, Frank and I aren't on a deserted island,
this is just at Crane's BeachHouse!
Courtesty of The Big Day Wedding Photography
You’ll see several little colorful touches around the property that remind me of the Florida Keys.

Courtesy of The Big Day Wedding Photography - Those were my wedding
photographers in case you couldn't tell
There are not one, but two pools, one of which is represented by this horrible photo.
It was very humid out this day

One of the pools also has a little patch of sand with a pretty awesome tiki bar.  At night, there’s even a live band!

That's the tiki bar, now closed, behind us.
Courtesy of The Big Day Wedding Photography
Inside, the rooms are spacious, clean, and have that “island” feel.

This is considered an "efficiency" room.
The hotel has three types of rooms, efficiencies, one-bedroom suites, and two bedroom-suites.  I have seen all of them and stayed in the efficiency and one-bedroom suites.

The one bedroom suite is incredibly spacious, with a small
dining table, kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.
While there’s really not enough space in the efficiencies for more than two people, the one-bedroom suites can easily four people.

Especially if those four people are having a drink.  No, but for
real, the rooms are big.
There is a breakfast in the morning, with bagels and other pastries, certainly enough to get your day started.  But the best part about Crane’s BeachHouse is that the price.  While in season (meaning November through April), you might pay $200-$300 for a room, during the summer those prices drop dramatically.  Every summer I get an email advertising rooms for just $99!

If you go to Crane’s home page, you’ll see several specials listed right now, including Florida rates.  You won’t be disappointed, and most of all, once here, you’ll have “no worries.”

Courtesy of The Big Day Wedding Photography

Total Cost: $99/night during summer nights

Best Deal: Happy hour at the Tiki Bar, where it’s two for one!


  1. Great place! It has two for ones...oh, and I got married there.

    1. Oh yeah, that getting married part. Totally inconsequential :)

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