Thursday, September 13, 2012

Biloxi Hotel Review – Beau Rivage

On our journey to New Orleans, we decided to first stop in Biloxi, Mississippi.

We had our choice of casinos, so we opted for the Beau Rivage. 

We told the front desk we just got married, and bam, we got the honeymoon suite.  Already I started formulating a positive review for the Beau Rivage in my head.  But then I saw something that totally took it over the edge.

Two toilets within a stone's throw of each other!  Certainly this
is the fanciest hotel ever!
If you’ve met Frank and I, this is absolutely necessary.  Inside one bathroom was a Jacuzzi, inside the other, this spacious shower.

And if you've met me, you know I spent
approximately two hours takin a shower.
We didn’t spend one second in the living room…

Because we were way too busy in the bedroom… enjoying the view of course!

Frank is scoping out the closest bars.
Downstairs, it was like being in a small town.

We even watched as they planted fresh flowers… indoors.

Outside, the scene was lovely, although, this is the Gulf of Mexico, and it’s a far, far cry from where we live on the Atlantic Ocean.

The water is a murky brown... made me miss the crystal blue
waters of South Florida.
We took a nap on the deck…

and got ready for our night out.

A small complaint about the Beau Rivage: the lighting in the
hallway is not very good for pictures.
We tried two restaurants that were actually inside the Beau Rivage.  We had dinner at Coast Restaurant, where I got a veggie burger.  It was pretty average as far as veggie burgers go.  In the morning, we had breakfast at the Roasted Bean.

A fruit tart - it's dessert for breakfast!
While the food at the Beau Rivage isn’t necessarily something to write home about, we did have an out of this world lunch just down the street from the casino at The Fillin’ Station.  And yes, as you can imagine, this eatery used to be an old gas station, but now, has some of the tastiest food around.

These were absolutely the best oysters I’ve ever had in my life.  Actually, they were enormous and quite tasty.  We also got a Panini-style po’ boy and a few beers to round out what I would call “the best meal on the Gulf Coast.”


Total Cost: $196 for a suite (with the honeymoon upgrade)

Best Deal: Here’s the NOT best deal – we wanted to celebrate our recent nuptials and tried to buy champagne inside the Beau Rivage – THEY DON’T SELL IT.  As Frank put it, “No one’s ever won big and wanted to drink champagne and do coke?!?!”  I guess not.

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