Sunday, November 18, 2012

White Christmas – See Snow in South Florida for Free!

An event I did not mention yesterday in my rundown of the holiday season was the snow at CityPlace.  It “fell” last night for the first time and will continue all the way until New Year’s Eve.  I have to say, the snowfall was way better than I expected.

You can see the snow glistening in the light

Nothing says "holidays" like a martini!

You can see the colorful fountain right below the Christmas tree

But, this is Florida, and the snow doesn’t make it to the ground very well in 70 degree temperatures, so for the best viewing experience, I suggest the second floor.

I also suggest a hot drink with whipped cream, no matter what the temperature, because it is the holidays after all.

Total Cost: $20 for drinks and apps at Brewzzi

Best Deal: Seeing snow in Florida for free!

I'm drinking a spiked hot chocolate... What's your favorite drink during the holidays?

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