Monday, November 12, 2012

Delray Beach’s 1st Annual Wine and Seafood Festival

Sometimes when an event occurs for the first time ever, you have to work out some kinks and mishaps.

I think it’s pretty safe to say Delray Beach’s 1st Annual Wine and Seafood Festival went off pretty much without a hitch.  You can call it the Delray Affair Lite.

More than a two-hundred local business sold items like
clothing, painted signs and even wine chillers.
You didn’t have to pay a dime to get inside.  The unique location gave businesses east of the bridge an opportunity to benefit from the large influx of people (all of the other events in Delray are on Atlantic Avenue west of the Intracoastal).  Festival-goers could stop at one of several tents along the way to sample wines. 

One tent had a wine and food tasting that rotated well-known restaurants and caterers in our area.

Doesn't get anymore famous than this, folks.  This chef is
probably most well-know for... catering my wedding! But,
he also had a wine and food pairing at the festival that looked
unbelievably delicious!
Speaking of my wedding, the person who organized this whole event was none other than my other wedding caterer, who goes by the name of “Irish.”  Irish was able to snag some bracelets so we could drink free.

We put the bracelets to good use.  Thank you, Irish, for
contributing to my on-going alochol problem.
We spent most of our time at a mobile, yes, mobile, bar on Atlantic Ave.  A bar you can drive around?  What will they think of next?!

One of those lovely bartenders also served at my wedding... thanks Mary Ann!
Even the pups could get in on the action.

This is my niece-dog, Bailey, who is bellying up
to the bar
Even though it was free to enter, there are some costs:

Wine: $8 per glass or $50 for a bracelet (that’s according to the Sun-Sentinel)
Food: Varied, I paid $12 for conch fritters (delicious!)
Seminars: $20 for a wine and food pairing
Parking: $5

And here’s what actually paid:

Total Cost: $12 for food, $5 for parking = $17

Best Deal: Drinking for free!

Courtesy of Colleen M.
Did you catch the Wine and Seafood Festival?  Do you wish you had?

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