Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Black Friday Travel Deals

Today, I went to Best Buy and saw someone camped out in front with a tent and chair, waiting for Black Friday to commence.

I have better things to do!  Like, browse Pinterest for three hours!
I hate Black Friday.  I was annoyed with the crowds at the store this past weekend, there’s no way I could fight through a sea of people for 100 bucks off a DVD player.

However, I do advocate shopping online for travel deals starting tomorrow, now known as “White Wednesday.”  You’ll find the best deals at my top three picks for stress-free holiday shopping.

3. Hotels.com

Deals at Hotels.com include accommodations in Chicago, Houston, and New Orleans, among other spots.  These deals look super cheap (Dallas digs as low as $38 per night), but they also expire super fast (must be booked by Wednesday, travel needs to take place over the holiday weekend).  Click here for more information.

2. Southwest

If my friend, Kate, saw this, she would launch into a really long story about how she loves Southwest so much.  But, you do have to love this sale.

When you book a vacation package through Southwest, you can get two nights free in the Tampa area or 40% off on Disney accommodations!  Again, you must book fast, the Tampa deal is done on Wednesday, and the Disney deal lasts only one more week after that.  Find out more here.

1. Travelocity

Travelocity’s offer extends a little longer than most travel deals.


You get $100 your holiday travel (must be taken by January 2) if you spend more than $1,000.  There are, obviously, terms and conditions, but I’ve racked $1,000 up quickly in travel expenses, so this is a good way to save.

Since I’m not important enough to get press releases, I’ve also rounded up some great travel websites with even more deals. 

Deal News says JetBlue and Virgin America offer great Black Friday specials, but you may be better off booking hotels instead of flights.

Budget Travel actually inspired me to write this article, but their deals are pretty specific to certain areas of the country.  This article does mention a few places in Florida though.  It also gives you a time specific window in which you need to do your travel shopping.

Peter Greenberg has a very well-organized article detailing, not only the best travel deals, but exactly what days to find the specials (personally, I think the Howard Johnson deal at the end of the story is the most useful because it applies to HoJo’s across the country and not just one in area).

And what’s a vacation without your luggage?  This article tells you how to find the best deal on suitcases and other bags to tote your clothing to faraway locales.

Total Cost: Depends

Best Deal: The HoJo deal that applies to hotels across the country

Do you plan on hitting the stores this Black Friday, hitting the web, or just going to a bar like I did last year?

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