Monday, February 18, 2013

Branching Out

Alright loyal Economical Explorer Fans – anywhere from all 3 to 20 of you J  I’m branching out to include my travel writing on the awesome website Her View From Home.  The website is operated by someone who taught me a lot about writing… and life – my first roommate after college, my friend in lots of late-night shenanigans, and my mentor in the world of television producing.

My first article focuses on an amazing “mystery trip” I take every year with my six friends from college.  Only the planners know where we’re going, and the rest of us just sit back and relax, with not a care in the world except how to actually get to the destination.  We've been to Fort Lauderdale, Sanibel Island, and Helen, Georgia so far... Click here to read the story of what it takes to get seven girls together after college for an annual trip that will reunite their spirits.

This picture is sans one friend.  But she was there in memory,
as is anyone who can't make the annual trip!

And our budget?  You guessed it… always economical! Hint: try less than $500!

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