Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Flamingo – The Southernmost City in Mainland Florida Part II

Earlier this week, I told you of the many cool adventures at Flamingo.  Though you could definitely take a day trip there, I recommend staying the night.  There are six options when it comes to sleeping in this southernmost city.


You can park your car right next to your campsite and set up your tent.  This is the option we chose.

I let Frank set up shop while I took pictures and had a beer

Cost: $16 per night


You can park your car and walk up to your campsite in a tent only field.

This way you can camp with all your closest, and not-so-closest
friends - a great option if you have a huge group of people.

Cost: $16 per night


You can rent an eco-tent.

Right now, only one eco-tent exists, so you have to book early

An eco-tent is a cabin-like structure that can easily be broken down in the event of a storm.  This sole eco-tent is part of a pilot project to bring similar tents to the area.  You can learn more here.

Cost: $16 per night, until a special lighting system is installed when the price will go up to $30 per night


You can stay in a houseboat.  There are a few houseboats in the marina at Flamingo and even though they cost a pretty penny, you are staying in a houseboat (see my Amsterdam experience on a houseboat for more information), which is just plain awesome.  The houseboats sleep six people, have air, showers, stoves, bedding, and kitchen goods like pots and utensils.  You can book a houseboat through this website.

Cost: $350 per night plus fuel


For the truly adventurous, you can stay in a chickee.  You can either bring your own kayak, or rent one, and set off on one of the many nearby bodies of water until you reach this raised platform.

Courtesy of Tristan Loper, via Wikipedia

You’ll have to get backcountry permit in order to camp in a chickee, but it’s a little cheaper than camping on a regular campground.

Cost: $10 for a backcountry permit, plus $2 per person per night


If you’re not into boating to your campsite, you can also hike to a backcountry spot.  Again, you’ll need to get a backcountry permit to do this, and you’ll have to really like hiking, as the most popular spot, at Clubhouse Beach, it 15 miles roundtrip.

Cost: $10 for a backcountry permit, plus $2 per person per night

No matter which form of camping you pick, dozing off in Flamingo is like being 1,000 miles from reality, with the stars above you and no sounds of traffic - and that alone is priceless.

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