Thursday, April 11, 2013

Food Truck Connection

Do you have a hankering for a hot dog? A craving for conch salad? Or do you go gaga over gelato?

I'm not sure there's a restaurant in town that would meet all three of these desires, but the Food Truck Connection can.

That's right, the food truck craze has come to Boynton Beach, and it stopped right in my backyard.

On the left, the food trucks, on the right, my neighborhood.  I took both
photos from the same spot in the parking lot.

This Wednesday, for only the fourth week ever, you can catch more than a dozen food trucks, lined up for your dining pleasure, at Harvey E. Oyer Jr. Park (most Boynton residents know this as Boat Club Park), just south of Federal Highway and Gateway Boulevard, on the Intracoastal.  As you walk around, you can sample everything from ordinary the extraordinary.

That, my friends, is a veggie dog loaded with
spicy mayo, barbecue sauce, relish, and crushed
potato chips.  They call it the "Substitute
Teacher."  I call it "insanely delicious!"

That little piece of scrumptiousness came from P.S. 561.  We paid just $9.50 for two dogs.  And it doesn’t stop there!  Over the course of two weeks, we also had conch ceviche from The Daily Special...

Just $10 for this huge serving!

Shrimp summer rolls from Spring In, Roll Out...

Again, I was astonished at the large portions
and the small price tag of just $9!

And sweet potato fries drizzled with marshmallow fluff from Lucille’s on Wheels.

Get. In. My. Belly.  For real.

My husband also decided to partake in bacon doughnuts, with maple bourbon jam, from Dough, which he was not very good about sharing.

Lucky for him, I'm a vegetarian!

But by far, the best truck was Hip Pops, where you pick your gelato bar, dip it in chocolate, and pop it with toppings.  Holy moly.  My inner fat girl wanted, like, thirty of these.

This little piece of heaven was priced at $5.  I would have spent $500.

The Food Truck Connection takes place every Wednesday from 5pm-9pm.  Next week, I'll be there, again.  For the third week in a row.  And I’ve got my eye on you, Hip Pops.

Total Cost: About $25 for two “main courses” and one dessert
Best Deal: Even the fish dishes are under $10 – we paid just $9 for salmon sausage from Pescados Unidos (

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