Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Bar at a Salon = Dream Come True

Some things just go together: peanut butter and jelly, cheese and crackers, alcohol and pedicures…

There’s a new salon in Boynton Beach called Tipsy Salon, Spa, and Lounge.  Now, instead of getting a mani/pedi sans drink, you can have a glass of wine as you color your nails and toes.

Now, if you’ve read this blog, oh, ever, you’ll know that I like a good drink.  You’ll also know that I really don’t indulge in spa services too often (though it definitely happens from time to time, like when I went to the Eau Spa at the Ritz Carlton.  I will definitely be going back to Tipsy though.

Because when I went, Tipsy was offering a special deal (half-off the first weeks they were open!), I did something a little more special than normal: an aromatherapy pedicure.  The service was pretty reasonable, $45 at full price.  It included a paraffin wax which felt amazing on my legs.

While I detoxified my legs, I intoxicated with the wine.  The drinks were cheaper than most bars I frequent, at $6 for a glass of wine.

At $6 a glass, I can have two!  Which I did.
Definitely check their Facebook page because Tipsy has been offering free drink specials if you mention you saw their status update.

Tipsy Salon offers other services as well, like haircuts, waxing, facials, and massages.  Tipsy also allows parties as well.  I think it would be so cool to bring your bachelorette party here, but I unfortunately, I’m already married.  So, I’ll just stick to imbibing by myself for now as I get my toes ready for spring!

Total Cost: $35 for a pedicure (half-off of $45) and two glasses of wine
Best Deal: A basic manicure is only $15 and a basic pedi is $25

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