Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Magic Carpet Ride – Hang Gliding at 2,500 Feet

I'm not really one for adventures where I have the possibility of dying. Heck, I don't even like flying. But my excursion last weekend blew my mind.

I went hang gliding.

I have to say: this was one of the best experiences of my life. 

After I stopped shaking, I was soaring at 2,500 feet in the Cotton Key Basin near Islamorada. Above me, clear skies. Below, nothing but miles of blue waters.

Alex, from Paradise Hang Gliding, took me on this radical ride.  I was a little frightened at first, especially because the takeoff happens so quickly.

I actually felt very stable as we rocketed into the sky. Once in the air, it was just Alex and I, looking out over the glassy water, on patrol for turtles, sharks, and maybe even a pod of dolphins.

Unfortunately, I saw none of the above mentioned wildlife, but it didn't matter because I was so consumed with the view.

I even got to steer the glider a bit, which probably made Alex nervous because I wasn't very focused on driving, just soaring.

After about 15 minutes airborne, it was time to come down.

And with that landing, I left my heart in the sky, even though my feet were back on the ground.

How did this fantastic flight take place? Frank found a deal on Living Social! The economical explorer is wearing off on him apparently! 

We paid $100 for a 15+ minute flight at 2,500 feet. The regular price was $200. We also had to pay $20 in fees per person, and $45 for a video, making the grand total $165 each (still a $100 savings).

It may not be the most economical thing on earth, but it was worth it to pay so much green and see so much blue.

Plus, that $45 for the video helped create this awesome footage.

Frank got his hang gliding experience on camera as well.

Total cost: $165 each (with Living Social), $265 without (plus a $5 credit card fee)

Best Deal: Saving $100 with the Living Social deal - it's an experience definitely worth full-price!

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